Operating Principles

The NFCC drives improvement and development throughout the UK FRS and supports strong leadership of the UK FRS including the devolved administrations. The NFCC enables locally accountable Chief Fire Officers or their representatives to coordinate the work of the UK FRS to protect the public and improve community safety.

All details of the NFCC meetings will be detailed on the NFCC Meetings page, where agendas, agenda items and minutes will be documented. 

As part of  NFCC membership, Chief Fire Officers have been asked to sign up to the NFCC Operating Principles. These set out the arrangements and principles which underpin the NFCC and how it operates. All UK FRS are entitled, encouraged and expected to be members of the NFCC and each is entitled to be represented at formal meetings of the NFCC.

This agreement will be kept under review and adapted as necessary by agreement with the NFCC. However there are arrangements to review the agreement by 31 March 2021.


NFCC Operating Principles NFCC Operating Principles addendum