NFCC responds to PAC report: “Progress in remediating dangerous cladding”

 Following the release of the Public Accounts Committee report into the progress in remediating dangerous claddding' which states it is “imperative” that the new deadline for works on the remaining high-rise blocks is met (by the end of 2021), the National Fire Chiefs Council has responded.

NFCC Chair, Roy Wilsher, said: “We welcome the steps that have been taken to date to address these issues, however it is clear the pace of remediation has not moved quickly enough.

“Disputes about who should pay the costs continue to create barriers to remediation, although it is clear this is not the only barrier which exists. Other issues persist such as the lack of available test methods for the fire performance of some construction products, and a shortage of sufficiently competent persons in the sector with the specialist skills needed for instance to assess fire performance of external wall systems, which produce additional challenges.

“The NFCC would support further exploration of options which could enable or incentivise the remediation of buildings so that fire risks may be removed as quickly as possible, with mechanisms for resolving who pays afterwards.

"We believe that the principle of a cost sharing model could be worth examining, for instance, a levy on developers and dutyholders across industry contribute to the Building Safety Fund.”

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