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The Fire Commercial Transformation Programme (FCTP), Fire and Rescue Suppliers Association (FIRESA) Council of the Fire Industry Association (FIA) and UK R&D (Research & Development) meet on a quarterly basis.  The aims and objectives are:

Establish how we (FIRESA FIA Members, National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) FCTP and NFCC UK R&D) can work more effectively across Procurement/Commercial and Research & Development to our mutual benefit with the aim of improving Public and Firefighter safety.

To provide a forum where Suppliers, Chief Officers, Heads of Procurement and UK R&D Leads can review options based on fact and evidence and make strategic decisions that lead to efficiencies for the sector.

To review progress across the FCTP and UK R&D programmes of work, providing senior input where required to either unblock an issue or provide influence to others where a unified sector is required.

To identify and encourage commercial best practice with the expectation that FRS and Suppliers will adopt such best practice as the norm in their day to day related work.

To review lessons learned in Procurement/Commercial and R&D activity from Supplier’s perspective, enabling continuous improvement of future work.

It is recognised that both Fire and Rescue Services (and the NFCC) and industry must retain their own decision making processes. However, this group aims to inform decision making through open and constructive dialogue. This forum will provide a transparent process whereby decisions made that affect other parties can be shared and explained.

All parties have agreed to the Terms of Reference (ToR) which can be accessed on the link below.