NFCC Programmes

NFCC Programme Office

The Central Programme Office (CPO) provides programme, project and benefits management services to the fire and rescue sector. It forms one of the three hubs supporting the delivery of the NFCC's strategy.

It coordinates the multiple improvement programmes on behalf of the NFCC, and this overarching coordination helps the NFCC avoid duplication; prioritise work more effectively and develop solutions and tools more effectively which support fire and rescue services where a national approach would be beneficial.

The work is focused on key areas of NFCC’s strategy:

Community Risk Programme – which is focused on developing guidance, tools and a Fire Standard relating to risk management planning. It will produce  a clear definition of risk that would allow communities to hold the performance of their fire and rescue service to account. It has a number of projects underway, including: Definition of Risk; Economic and Social Value of the UK fire and rescue service; Community Risk Management Planning (CRMP) Guidance; Competencies for Risk Management.

People Programme – this has multiple projects already completed and more underway. The live projects include: the Core Code of Ethics, Leadership Framework, Coaching and Mentoring Toolkit and National Portal, Talent Management Toolkit, Direct Entry at Area Manager and Station Manager, Supervisory Leadership Development Programme; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Apprenticeships; Core Learning Pathway, establishing an End Point Assessment Partnership; Recruitment.

Digital and Data Programme – this aims to drive national consistency in the identification, implementation and use of digital capability; make our workforce digitally literate; shift demand for services to online channels where feasible; and to maximise the use of data to drive operational excellence. 

The Protection and Prevention programmes are new programmes which seek to address aspects of these activity areas where national change is required.

National Operational Guidance

The programme work provides a home for the continued maintenance of National Operational Guidance, with regular reviews taking place to consider whether the guidance needs to be updated. This team also oversee the continued development of National Operational Learning.

Fire Standards

The programme office also supports the new Fire Standards Board for fire services in England through coordinating Fire Standards development work which will be aligned to the NFCC improvement programmes.  NFCC is the main body providing subject matter expertise to inform the Fire Standards.


NFCC's Full Council provides strategic direction to the programmes via the Chair and the NFCC Steering Group, ensuring that the development and delivery of products are in line with the NFCC strategy.

Each agreed programme and project has a programme or project executive who chairs the respective Programme or project board. A programme or project manager provides the project management expertise whilst drawing on subject matter experts and relevant stakeholders to contribute to project work.

Each programme or project Board oversees work of the programme or project. The progamme manager is responsible for the budget allocated to them from the NFCC funding.

Stakeholder engagement

Work includes continued engagement and consultation - as appropriate - with stakeholders from across the sector for each project within the proposed programmes.

In addition, the sector-wide Strategic Engagement Forum (SEF), chaired by the NFCC, supports the programmes by providing a wide-range of views. Representative bodies, fire sector organisations and appropriate private sector organisations are represented.

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