Position statement 
Working safely
Tripartite agreement
 Agreed activities with accompanying NFCC documentation (April 2020)
Other approved activities (in development - sector specific guidance available)
  • COVID-19 testing - support to others
  • Established coresponding schemes (documents available on request)
  • Driver training (updated April 24th)
  • Pandemic Multi Agency Response Teams (PMART)
Activities currently under consideration (documents available on request)
  • Care home/nursing home support: Testing, PPE and infection control
  • New coresponding schemes
  • Low acuity calls - uninjured fallers
NFCC Health & Safety guidance
NFCC PPE guidance
NFCC Prevention guidance
NFCC Protection strategic intention
NFCC Protection guidance
NFCC Protection risk assessment
 NFCC Response guidance
 NFCC on-call guidance
NFCC supporting documents
Non-NFCC Supporting documents (supplied by Fire & Rescue Services)
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Updated 27th August 2020