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About the NFCC’s Protection work  The NFCC’s Protection and Building Safety work all sits within the remit of the NFCC’s Protection and Business Safety (PBS) Committee. View our Buidling Safety Key Positions and Work here

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Protection Policy and Reform Unit (PPRU)

Following funding secured from Home Office and MHCLG the NFCC have established the Protection Policy and Reform Unit (PPRU) to provide the link between FRSs and Government by representing the collective views and expert technical advice of FRSs.  The PPRU now incorporates the wider Building Safety Programme Team. 

The PPRU reports into the Chair of the NFCC Protection and Business Safety Committee who in turn sits on the NFCC Steering Group.  The Steering Group sets the strategic direction for the NFCC. 

The overarching objectives and purpose of the unit is to:

  • Promote a consistent and co-ordinated approach to fire safety regulation
  • Support and promote the swift remediation of buildings
  • Support the Government reform agenda
  • Provide NFCC capacity to deal with new and emerging demands

The PPRU will exist to provide the tools, guidance and support to FRS's for protection activities whilst promoting best practice and influencing and advising Government.  We aim to be the first port of call for national issues and offer both individual and regional support and technical expertise.

As members of the Joint Regulators Group we are working on the operational policy development to inform the Building Safety Regulator and are also members of the Industry Safety Steering Group. 

We will provide enforcement guidance and be the central hub for support and leadership. 

We will play a key part in Service Improvement helping to progress HMICFRS and GTI recommendations, and to promote consistency and support the development of competency and capabilities across protection departments. We aim to influence government policy on behalf of FRS, providing technical advice and engaging regularly with HO and MHCLG on legislative development.  We will work with FRSs to understand how proposals will impact on the sector. 

The PPRU also support the secretariat for the Protection Board, including the Building Risk Review programme.

PPRU Workstreams

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The PPRU work collaboratively with a number of key stakeholders and partners to contribute to a range of forums and working groups, including those below within Government’s wider Building Safety Programme. 

Cross Government Building Safety Programme


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April 2021